Detect gas leaks on time

Each year, especially in the heating season, about 50 people in Croatia (of which approximately eight are children under the age of 13) will die from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. This gas is called „silent killer“ for a reason, as it is a poisonous gas without color, taste and smell. It causes more deaths each year than all other known toxins, and it occurs when solid fuels or gas burn with oxygen deficiency. It equally affects all living organisms that breathe. It binds to red blood cells and blocks access to oxygen.

Choking occurs suddenly and without any warning. People are often hurt by it during sleep. The initial symptoms of poisoning (headache, slight nausea, and lack of energy) are very similar to flu symptoms, and people often ignore them and in one hour it can be too late. Only 60 minutes of exposure to a minimum amount of carbon monoxide in the amount of 0,005% in the air can be deadly. People are often poisoned by carbon monoxide in bathrooms, as a product of defective combustion of natural gas.

Gas detection systems must be installed in areas where some of the harmful gases may occur that pose a risk of health and life hazards. Gas detection has wide application and we use different systems and detection sensors. As an example, CO and N02 gases occur in garages as a result of indoor motor vehicle operation. There is a possibility of explosive gases in boiler rooms. Detectors that react to the appearance of explosive gases should be used for this purpose. All detectors that depend on area of application may be standard or in EX versions. Separate stand alone devices can be used for smaller spaces.

If you have areas with increased risk for creation of harmful gases, protect yourself and others by installing a gas detector system because life and health do not have a price!

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