You can never be too careful - Rise of thefts and burglaries in Croatia

If you are going on a vacation, you should know that empty apartments are an ideal opportunity for thieves and burglars. Given that the vacation period is approaching, provided that the family budget allows it of course, the police warns the citizens to be cautious and smart during the holidays so they would not become victims of theft or robbery. In other words, it would be desirable to insure your home before leaving for a deserved vacation so that you would not return from your vacation and find your door broken and your closets emptied. Cautious should also be those that are by the sea as their apartments can become targets of invasion as well.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of the Interior for 2017, the police has reported 12.821 crimes of heavy theft. 2.750 acts have been solved for the same period, with as much as 13% fewer than in the same period of 2016.

When looking at break-ins according to types of facilities, houses, apartments and vacation homes are in the lead, with 4.534 reported criminal acts. This is a disturbing information, as it is 8,5% more burglaries than in the same period in the previous year. The percentage of resolved cases of home, apartment and vacation homes burglaries is 16,2% less than the general percentage.

Despite such numbers and the real risk of burglary, a large number of citizens in Croatia did not protect their property for a variety of reasons – they did not use video surveillance systems, alarms, property insurance or even anti-theft doors. Experience has shown that the citizens of Croatia are usually protected only after they have experienced burglary in the neighborhood or themselves have been victims.

„According to estimates made by the Croatian board of security, video surveillance is installed in only 2-3 percent of homes, and alarms systems are installed in 10-15 percent of households. At the same time, alarm systems in England are installed in 50 percent of households, and in Italy that number reaches 70 percent. Video surveillance in England is also installed in 30 percent of residential buildings, luxury homes and apartments.”

According to the police data, burglaries last no longer than five minutes, and often even less. Police emphasizes that even basic technical protection systems are better than no system at all. Burglars often use hand tools, and they often give up and move on to another house if they come across anti-burglary protection.

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