Fire alarm systems serve for early detection of smoke and fire, preventing human casualties and great financial damage. In smaller facilities, such as your own home or an office, we recommend the installation of one or more stand-alone fire detectors.

Combined with anti-burglary systems, the fire alarm system reaches the maximum security level. We guarantee full functionality of all our systems and insist on maintaining the highest quality.

Fire alarm systems vary in many functions and features. Each facility has its requirements and the conventional systems for reporting the fire and smoke location differ accordingly.

Analog-addressable fire alarm systems are most commonly used for mid- to large-size facilities due to their high accuracy in locating the emergency area. They are faster, easier to install and more reliable because they adapt to environmental conditions and signal the staff in time for cleaning.

Parts of a fire alarm system

  • The fire detector is the most important part of a fire alarm system as it directly affects response time.
  • Central processing and control unit runs the overall system.
  • An alarm device alerts the person in charge or activates the siren and light signals.

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