Whether you own a coffee shop and want the perfect sound system for your guests or you simply need a quality notification and alarm system for your business, the sound system is tailored to fit your needs. Due to their extensive experience with the security of different objects, our workers will offer the best solution for your facility.

Depending on the purpose of space itself, the sound system can have multiple functions - large objects need a powerful system that will, on normal occasions, play relaxing music and, in case of an emergency, convey important life-saving announcements.

A quality sound system is essential in emergency situations because it ensures the intelligibility of life-saving information transmitted through the speakers.

The sound system consists of the following components:

  • microphone
  • radio receiver
  • CD player
  • amplifier
  • output elements (speakers)
  • installations (conductors)

One of the many available system settings is independent regulation of the sound volume for each room in the facility. Sound quality in such systems depends on the quality of all the components within.

To meet all your needs, there is a low-noise (Hi-Fi) and high-tech (professional) sound system option. High-quality sound is the perfect solution for objects that require background music that allows for uninterrupted conversations and a pleasant atmosphere. This kind of system uses an amplifier to connect an unlimited number of spatially arranged loudspeakers.

If you would like to request an offer for one of our systems or you have additional questions, feel free to leave your contact information in the form below the text or send an e-mail to info@electronicsecurity.eu.

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