The purpose of panic lighting is to ensure safe exit of people from the facility with adequate orientation lighting signs along the routes for evacuation in case of fire, earthquake, terrorist attack or any other cause of panic among people. It is most commonly used in hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, stations, airports, and all other business and public buildings.

Panic lighting is one of the important components. Apart from the architectural and electro project, the fireproofing project also influences the definition of panic lighting, so each panic lighting project goes to the Ministry of Interior for assessment. It is stipulated that the panic lighting must be designed and constructed in such a way that in the event of a fire, it is possible for the unharmed persons to leave the building and to enable their rescue and it should be tested annually by the authorized company and be in compliance with the applicable standards. Integration of panic lighting with standard lighting must strictly comply with electrical system standards when building a building or a specific area. All regulations and laws should be respected in order to construct a system that meets the standards.

Panic lighting systems are available in several versions – standard standalone, standalone with self-testing for automatic fault detection, addressable by a control center and addressable that also has a centralized power supply system.

Due to the exceptional simplicity of installation, operation, maintenance and significantly lower costs, it is especially interesting to have a supervisory version of panic lighting that is compatible with the fire detection protocol. This means that all system elements can be associated with addressable fire detection systems directly on the same loop, at the hardware level, and that the system is managed by one central unit. 

In the event of a communication failure between the panic lighting and the central unit, it will function completely independently. Panic lighting is available in different designs, with or without pictograms, and all devices have the same addressable protocol as the fire alarm elements, so it can be connected directly to the loop of the fire alarm control panel.

Applied LED technology saves energy,  and due to its special patented optics it is possible to provide a powerful lighting (up to 400 lm) and damping elimination, and different power and light duration devices are available with autonomy and protection levels, which meets the requirements for reliable operation in difficult conditions and all applications in accordance with ISO 7010 norm.

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