In hospitals and facilities for elderly care, where the employees have to attend to many people at the same time, SOS systems are the easiest way for patients or the elderly to call for help in any kind of emergency.

The person in need of help can make an SOS call by pressing a button placed next to the bed or in the bathroom. This action sends all necessary information about the person and their location to the system display, allowing for an immediate response.

How to use SOS systems?

  • First, you need to define the basic system data. For example, if the system is used in healthcare facilities, inserted data will be the user's room number.
  • The system is also connected to a PC, making the data easily transferable and accessible on a bigger screen.
  • System servicing allows resetting the reception terminal and updating the PC database.

The reception terminal records all of the alarms, displays the current alarm data and beeps when the alarm is triggered. The terminal signals the diode alarm until the system gets reset in the room from which the alarm was sent.

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