The gas detection system is used for the timely recognition of excessive concentration of dangerous, and often lethal, gases and vapors. Besides their high quality, our detectors are small and inconspicuous, keeping your space visually intact.

Given that carbon monoxide, the so-called “silent killer”, is one of the most common causes of indoor death, we install only the finest systems that detect even the slightest change in air quality.

Gas detection systems are obligatory in boiler rooms that use gas heavier than air, gas plants, public garages, kitchens using gas as an energy source and other areas where harmful or flammable gases may occur. Before the installation process, it is necessary to consider the airflow, room structure, and workspace layout.

The systems consist of:

  • gas detection elements (detectors)
  • central processing and management unit
  • signalization and alarm unit

Gas detection is carried out by various sensors placed in the areas where such gases are expected to occur. The sensors are also divided according to the type of gas they are meant to recognize.

In addition to the gas alarm system, there are standalone gas detection devices that are more affordable and suitable for most residential applications. They are usually equipped with light and sound signals (flashes and sirens) used to send out a warning about dangerous gas levels. The devices can also be connected to various speakers such as GSM or telephone alarms with the possibility of forwarding the alarm information to a certain phone number. The core part of the system is the central unit that activates audible and light alarms and also controls executive functions, such as additional ventilation of contaminated space or switching off certain devices.

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